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Below we have answered our frequently asked questions.

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Q: When will Microshops open?

Our sites at Aldershot, Margate, Pavilion Place and Govan Cross are open, with the other initial launches expected in June.

Q: What are the opening and closing times of Microshops?

Times will be specified within the terms and conditions for the tenant to sign. Opening and closing times will be in line with shopping centre hours when applicable. 

Q: What is the security situation for the unit?
  • Doors will be opened and closed by centre management. 
  • Tenants will need to man their own stalls or agree to help their neighbours if someone chooses to take time off. 
  • Additional security will be on a location-specific basis. 
Q: What is the security situation for the pods?

A security blind will be provided to cover the store opening. If a tenant wishes to swap this out for a different shutter then that is at their own cost and discretion. 

Q: Are there lockable spaces?

Tenants can add additional security to their pods at their own cost if they wish. 

Q: Will there be WIFI?

WiFi service differs by location.   

Q: What will the space look like?
  • Pitch with walls
  • Security blind
  • Double socket for electricity
Q: What will the pods look like on the inside?
  • The pods will have no ceiling
  • Pods will have a double electric socket
  • The pods will be made fire rates MDF and timber frame
  • Painted white throughout
Q: Is there a minimum/maximum term to rent?
  • 6 months minimum term up to 2 years on a temporary licence
  • 1 month written notice to break the licence for both tenant and landlord
Q: Any exceptions?
  • No shorter leases so we can include tenants in our advertising and marketing campaigns and create a real destination.
  • If we have a food court unit or the coffee pod who is spending a substantial amount of money on their fit out we would happily look to sign them up on more secure leases.
Q: What facilities are there – toilets etc?

This is dependent on location.

Q: Are we able to leave merchandise in the pods overnight during our rental term?

Yes, at your discretion.

Q: What sort of decorations are allowed?
  • Pretty much anything is allowed as long as you give the unit back in the same condition you were given it and painted white.
  • Please keep us informed of your designs so we can guide you or direct you to our preferred contractor for the site to do any building on your behalf.
Q: What can I use my pod for?

Pods are suitable for retail, beauty, deli counters, creative studio and gallery spaces. Some locations have food courts.

Q: Who can look after my pod?

Anybody you trust can look after your pod at your discretion including employees, friends and family.

Q: What support do I get?

The success of your Microshop is your responsibility but we will provide you with a handbook, a contact and will use our social media platforms to share our tenants promotions.

Q: How many locations are there?

The initial launch includes 8 locations.

Q: How do I get my own Microshop??

Use the apply feature on this website to register your interest. Click here.

Q: Can I view the pod before I apply?

If you wish to view the pods before signing, please contact the appropriate centre manager listed on the location information.

Q: Can I choose my pod within the unit?

Yes, you can express an interest in specific available pods.

Q: Where are the Microshops being built?

Most Microshops are repurposing large vacant units from recently liquidated retailers.

Q: Can I bring my pet?

Assistance dogs are allowed in all instances. Location rules will differ.